Media Ethics new analytical study of the views of a sample of workers in the Iraqi websites


The research entitled in "Ethics of New Media – descriptive survey of the views of a sample of journalists on Iraqi websites" is addressed to the issue of the observed shortage at the level of adoption of moral regulations to the producers of the new media in Iraq, as a model for other Arab countries, and the shortages related to quality, credibility and reliability of the subjects, images and videos published by the new mass media through websites or social networking channels.To achieve the objectives of this research and provide scientific answers to the questions, it’s been supported by using the descriptive method, design a questionnaire consisting of 10 questions which was distributed randomly to a sample of 50 journalists working on 10 Iraqi websites representing Iraq's different Arabic and Kurdish provinces; news & general, as well as Iraqi websites that are broadcasted from overseas countries.The research found a number of results, including the majority of the Iraqi websites editors believe that they need to adhere to an immoral guideline to produce new media, and that the majority is convinced that the existence of an ethical list for New Media will enhance its image among readers and help them to compete with the traditional media such as newspapers, radio stations and satellite channels.It’s also witnessed that researchers experienced a fear from such regulations which will prevent the producers of new media to freely maintain their practices by legislating certain rules and regulations.Based on the results obtained, the research has presented a number of recommendations, including the need to reach an initiative to allow internet activists and researchers to come up with a list of guidelines for digital journalism to have considered the social and intellectual sides of our society, and to have agreed on a code of ethics particularly for digital journalists in Iraq.