Design and Performance Analysis of Building Monitoring System with Wireless Sensor Networks


The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) provides a potential technique for monitoring the indoor environment. The proposed system consists of several wireless sensor nodes that are deployed in a building in addition to a local server hosting web base application for storing sensing data. The widely adopted standard for wireless sensor network platform is the IEEE 802.15.4/ ZigBee. It is considered as the “technology of choice” due to low-power, cost-effective communication and the reliability it provide. This paper will simulate and explore the performance of ZigBee using OPNET Modeler 14.5. The paper will study and analyze various parameters that include changing the network topology, number of nodes and different performance parameters such as network delay, throughput, and others. The web base application is designed to interact with a WSN, allowing a user to consult sensor states and receive sensor alerts. Sensor alerts will be received when a sensor's threshold value exceeds the limit. Therefore, the user will be notified whenever there are changes in the WSN. The web base application system allows the manager or owner of building to remote monitoring sensing data via Internet by using a web browser.