Measuring Domestic Violence in the Female Secondary School Students


Family violence is defined as girl abused by one or both parents and damage whichis the most popular types of human violence prevalent than born stress .Iraqi political and social changes and economis pressures and ad valorem conflictsled to increseed rates of family violence against the girl in the early stages and thisis what proved through meetings the counselors in middle school and junior highschool ,which led us to look at this problem .Attempt in the study of family violence which adds scientific in this area of theresults and provided a measure of family violence may help concerned counselingedycational and psychological measurement of family violence among femalestudents.The recent research aims to the following measure of family violence among thegirls students at high school.The research community included of high school students in the suq- Alshukh citywhile research sample consisted of(600) students.These recommendations include the following :1- further studies social and psychological aims to identify thy underlying causesof family violence against the girl in our society of Iraq.2- media guide efforts to promote a culture of dialogue and respect within thyfamily ,with thy girls, especially in adolescence .The suggestions:1- conduct research and studies on thy topic of family violence against girls aremore detailed and precise in other societies or other provinces and comparisonbetween thy tow.