Abdul- Mohsin Shilash his Social Life and his Intellectual activities 1882-1948


It clear from in the following that Abed Al- Mohsen Shalash was have many and large of relation with people AL- Najaf Al-asharaf, He was good reputation In Iraq on general and AL-Najaf particular.Al-though his busy in politics but he not to leave Al-najaf ,and he always comes and attending in Al-najaf , He was remained constants with his family and his friends.Abed Al- Mohsen Shalash was intense believes with his sacred , So he works to build and construct many from tombs and Al-Husainiat , Also he works on cultured the people AL-Najaf through helping on build many from schools as Al-karay capacity school.Also he was wrote many of articles in magazines and Al-najafia newspapers , also he was wrote in many field that represented the position in the Iraqi social.