Improvement Level of Service for Congested Intersection in CBD Area of Fallujah City


The concept of capacity and level of service are central to the analysis of intersections, as they are for all types of facilities. Both capacity and level of service must be fully considered to evaluate the overall operation of the intersections. The objectives of the present study include the analysis, evaluation level of service and traffic operation of Al- Abasse intersection in the CBD of Fallujah city. Al-Abbasi congested intersection which is located the CBD area of Fallujah are selected to achieve the objectives of the present study. The required traffic and geometrical data gathered manually to estimate the distribution of traffic in different directions. (HCS 2000) program are used for the requirements of traffic analysis process. It has concluded that the second proposal (construct flyover along New street toward Al – Kamaleat intersection) for the mentioned intersections is necessary to enhance the level of service and the traffic operation at Al – Abasse intersection in CBD of Fallujah city.