E-learning and its mountain trip in Iraq


The Recent years have witnessed a huge revolution in the continual use of the computer in the field of education, which began to take several forms; It is the computer in education to use the Internet in education and finally the emergence of the concept of E-learning. E-learning relies on technology to provide educational content to the learner in a good and effective method. And the educational e-programs have also gained importance in the presence of its ability to overcome the problem of the explosion of knowledge resulting from the magnitude of the intellectual production in the fields of scientific and various humanitarian subjects and the inability of the traditional education to be filled with comprehensive objective sides of the diverse specialties, because of the difficulty of the update and the delivery of information by traditional methods. This study aims at highlighting the concept of e-learning and the reasons that lead us to pay attention to this aspect in addition to identify the obstacles that prevent progress or application of this branch of education in Iraq. In addition, the proposed solutions for the development work in the field of e learning. The study relied on access to the reality of e-learning in Iraq through field visits and communication with officials and employees of the Iraqi Universities in addition to the use of a number of questionnaires. The research confirms the existence of a significant shortfall in this field besides the lack of infrastructure for the advancement of e-learning, although the Iraqi Universities today are trying to make use of e-learning programs in developing the educational process after it largely declined during the past two decades. In conclusion, this study provides a number of suggestions and recommendations, which focus on the process of increasing awareness of the community, the teacher and the learner, and also providing and developing infrastructure, and providing full support to institutions and individuals, as well as a concentrating on creating educational content according to international quality standards.