Impact exercises to develop some cognitive abilities and learn some free skills in modern rhythmic gymnastics for primary pupils aged (9) years


It contains research on the five door included the introduction and the importance of research, which focused on the importance of factors that affect the success of the educati an alprocess in general and especially in modern rhythmic gymnastic being one of the sports that skills based on cognitive sense – kinesthetic which is one of brain power which plays an important role and effective in the importance of modern rhythmic gymnastics skills.The research problem lies in the lack of interest by teachers of physical education in primary school vocabulary modern rhythmic gymnastic a prowed by the ministry of education, as noted by researchers lack of interest parameters developed cognitive abilities – kinetic pupils aged (9) years and the adoption of methods of non – speech, so came the current study examine the impact exercises to developed cognitive abilities – kinetic and learn some motor skills in modern rhythmic gymnastic for primary pupils aged (9) years.The researchers assumed the presence of statically significant differences between the results of the pre and post test of experimental and control groups in cognitive – abilities and learn some motor free skills in modern rhythmic gymnasties, as well between tests and in favor of experimental group. The researchers used as ample of third grade pupils aged (9) years and their number (40) student from elementary school flowers / Baghdad/ Al Karkh. Have been used researchers experimental approach, which look the experiment (7) weeks, and by (14) educational unit, time matule (45) minutes used researchers in which a total of exercise that develops some cognitive – abilities and learn some skills of modern rhythmic gymnastic, has been contacting the tests and post brood using a scale to measure cognitive – abilities as well as some motor skills by a committee experts in modern rhythmic gymnastics.The findings researchers after extracting the results and discussion that the use of the curriculum prepared by researchers and the approach has led to the development of certain cognitive abilities – kinetic and learn some skills for pupils aged (9) years as well as the curriculum prepared by the researcher is butter than the approach taken in the developments of some capacity except chalk board test, researchers have recommended some recommendations.