Effect of Supplementation of Withania somnifera L. Roots on Some Blood Physiological Parameters of Japanese Quail Hens Reared Under High Environmental Temperature


Abstract:An experiment was conducted to assess the antistress efficacy of Withania somniferaroots ethanolic on some blood physiological traits of Japanese quail hens reared under highenvironmental temperature (27-37-27ºC).Three hundred Japanese quail hens of six weeks old were randomly distributed intofive treatments T0 untreated group (control), T1, T2 quails supplemented orally with 50, 100mg/kg/day root ethanolic extract(WSRE) respectively,T3, T4 received 1,2 g/kg diet rootpowder(WSRP) respectively.Results revealed significant increase in Hb and PCV % in quails supplemented with T4at 10 and 15weeks of age, and in T3 and T4 groups at 12 weeks of age in comparison with T0and WSRE groups. At 10 and 15 weeks old, T2 resulted in significant increasing inHeterophil/Lymphocyte ratio in comparison withT0and other treatments. At 15 weeks ofage,T1and T2 significantly increased Heterophil% in comparison with T0 and WSRP groups,while, quails in T4 showed significant reduction in Heterophil% and significant increasing inLymphocyte% compared with T1, also results showed that supplementing quails with T4significantly increased serum iron .Thyroid hormones didn’t affected significantly due totreatments while T3 significantly increased TSH.