Optimal Design for Software Defined Radio Based FPGA


This paper presents, optimal design for the software defined radio (SDR) based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) using modern software programs from Mathworks and Xilinx. The SDR mode have to be used which is extremely in meeting the increasing demands of the wireless communication and mobile industry. Nowadays, all digital communication systems need to easy adopted with more complicated coding and modulation techniques. The shortest and efficient paths to design an FPGA using MATLAB, Xilinx System Generator, ModelSim, synplify Pro and Integrated Software Environments (ISE) software tools is introduced in this research. The floating point design in MATLAB has been moved to fixed point values using the most attractive and friendly Xilinx Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system generator software a model based approach associated with assistance software from Mathworks and Synplicity. Result obtained shows an important utilization in Look Up Table (LUTs) and Slices in FPGA design.