Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Breast-Self Examination among School Teachers in Mosul City


Breast Self Examination is one method of primary level of prevention of breast cancer, which should be adopted by all females started with age of 20 years and above. It does not improve mortality but decreases morbidity. The aim of the study is to assess the level of knowledge, attitude, and practicing of BSE among school teachers. A cross sectional study design was adopted of 200 teacher were seen at 32 school for girls randomly selected in Mosul city. The study was extended for four months from (1st March - 1st July) 2012. The interview was face to face, utilizing the standardized questionnaire. The information include socio-demographic characters, knowledge, attitudes, practice of BSE, and barrier to practicing. The study revealed that two third (122 teachers) were heard of BSE and the main source of knowledge was T.V. program (72.9%). One hundred three (84.4%) of participant had knowledge about procedure of BSE but assessment of these knowledge procedure was below the (cut-off point =2), and general information was also low, attitude toward BSE just above the mean (50.8%). One handed forty eight (74%) of the responders stated that they had never done BSE. The commonest reason given for not doing it, did not hear about BSE (39.0%). Regularity of practicing was 6.55%. The study concluded that obvious lack of knowledge regarding and general information, negative attitudes, very low practice rate to BSE among school teachers, Certain effort required to improve knowledge, change attitude, and enhance practicing of BSE by applying wide extended educational program to them.