Prevalence of placenta accreta in Diyala governorate during 2010-2012 years


Background:- Although the incidence of placenta accreta is rare but it has a serious complications which may end with hysterectomy so early diagnosis is important to prevent this complications. Objective:- this study aim to assess the problem of the obstetrician about the magnitude of this serious health problem. Patient and methods:- this study was conducted in Al-Batoul teaching hospital (in the center of Diyala governorate by studying the patient records as a retrospective study, study the record from June 2010 during July 2012 including all patients with placenta accreta. Results:- Showed the rate of placenta accreta among all deliveries was (0.12) and (0.14), (0.78) among normal vaginal deliveries and caesarean sections respectively and more among those women with previous two pregnancies and above (83.33%), regarding blood groups it showed (56.66%) among O blood group while it was (23.3%), (16.66%), (3.33%) among B, A and AB respectively. The association with placenta previa was (40%) with grade I while it was (20%) with grade II, (16.66%) grade III and (13.3%) grade IV. It was (16.66%) among women with history of curettage and (76.66%) among those with history of pelvic inflammatory diseases . Regarding the management (56.66%) was managed by packing and repair during caesarean section and (43%) were ended by hysterectomy. Conclusion:- placenta accreta was more common previous caesarean sections and pelvic inflammatory diseases management may be ended by hysterectomy. Recommendation:- Early diagnosis is important to minimize complications.