Oral Candidiasis in Cancer Patients undergoing chemotherapy


Background: Within the past two decades, Candida species have emerged as major human pathogens and are currently the fourth most common cause of nosocomial infection. Propose of this study was to determine the occurrence of oral Candidiasis among cancer patients at Tikrit Teaching Hospital. Methodology: 102 cancer patients were examined for oral candidiasis. For all patients, the clinical diagnosis had to be confirmed microbiologically by the presence of yeasts and / or hyphae or pseudohyphae on potassium hydroxide– treated smears of oral swabs. Oral samples were obtained and cultured on Sabouraud's dextrose agar and BCG agar. Results: 102 patients 45% positive culture, increasing incidence oral candidiasis with increasing age high results in over 60 years old, 67.3% were femeales and 32.7% were males, type of cancers 88.8% were hematological tumor and 40.8% were solid tumor. From these patients, 46 Candida spp were isolated; 63.3 % episodes of thrash. For C. albicans isolates, and 36.7% non-albicans candida( C. parapsolisis 7% , C. tropicalis 8.4% , C. glabrata 6% and C. krusei 5% ) . Conclusion: the finding of our study strongly suggest that oral candidiasis is a frequent complication among cancer patients, being C. albicans the main etiological agent