The Effect Of Folic Acid On The Newborn Of Pregnant Women At Al-Najaf Government


Objective: Across section analytic study was carried out to identify the effect of folic acid on birth of pregnant women at Al-Najaf government and to determine the statistical significant differences between folic acid and some variables.Methodology: A purposive sample of (1054) of pregnant women was selected from Al-Zahra maturity pediatric hospital, data was collected through the interview of women. Question forma was designed and contained (3) parts demographic variables, reproductive variables and variables related to effect of folic acid.Results: Descriptive and in fevential statistical procedures were used to analyze the data. The result of the study revealed that the age of women was ranged between (21-25) years and the highest percentage of them house wife (640).The result indicate that a significant association between takes folic acid and congenital anomalies. The present study was revealed that the percent of normal deliveries (38.9%), while in cesarean sections (58.8%). In normal deliveries the percent of congenital anomalies was (1.2%), and the percent of congenital anomalies in cesarean sections was (0.9%).Conclusion: The study concluded that there was a significant difference between taking folic acid and congenital anomalies Recommendation: According to these finding it is recommended to emphasize on prenatal care early as possible and education improve health services presented to the mother during pregnancy that the health team must take the role in reducing the incidence of congenital anomalies by taking folic acid.