Assessment of Nurse's Knowledge about Nosocomial Infection at Hospitals in Baghdad City


Objective: To assess nurse’s knowledge about nosocomial infection at hospital in Baghdad city.Methodology: A descriptive study was carried out at hospitals in the city of Baghdad and included (Baghdad teaching hospital, Gazi al-hariri hospital, Al-karama hospital, Al-yarmok hospital, and al-kadhmia hospital). Starting from 5 of August 2012 to 20 of February 2013. A non-probability (purposive) sample of 100 nurses who worked in hospitals in the city of Baghdad.The questionnaires was designed and constructed by the researcher according to review of literature and related study. The content validity of the instrument was established through penal of 14 experts.Reliability of the Instrument was determined by test-retest method which was estimated as average (r=0.802).Data was gathered by interview technique using the questionnaire format and data was analyzed by application of descriptive and inferential statistical methods. Results: The majority of nurses was male, with age group 30-39 years old, nursing institute graduated, the majority of nurses have less than 5 years of employment in the hospital and low number of training course about nosocomial infection. The result indicated that most of the nurses (69%) have poor knowledge toward NI. There is significance relationship at P <0.05 between nurse's educational level and their knowledge toward NI. There is no significance relationship at P >0.05 between nurse's (age, gender, years of employment in the hospital, and training course of nosocomial infection) and nurse's knowledge toward NI. Conclusion: The study concluded that the nurses not have appropriate knowledge toward nosocomail infectionRecommendations: The training course is necessary to increase nurses’ knowledge toward nosocomial infection. This training course should be regularly done and updated in view of changing knowledge and practices