Inhibitory Effect of Aqueous Extract of Pomegranate Peel on Escherichia


This study was aimed to investigate the inhibitory activities of the aqueous extract of pomegranate peel on a pathogenic isolates of E.coli had multi-resistance characteristic against antibiotics. Twenty pathological isolates of E.coli were taken from the laboratory of the Kirkuk Children’s Hospital and confirmation of these isolates was done by using diagnostic methods. The results of the antibiotics sensitivity test showed that all isolates were resistant to AMC , CRO and PY 100% , while no one of them showing any resistance to CN, IPM and these isolates possessed multiple resistance patterns to the antibiotics from three to six antibiotics and the pattern of the resistanc ( AMC , CRO , PY) was more common among the isolates on other hand, the results indicated that all isolates sensitized 100% to the concentration 100 mg / ml and 50 mg / ml of the aqueous extract and 25% were sensitized to the concentration of 25 mg / ml, while did not show any inhibitory in the concentration of 12.5%.