Study was conducted to investigate the effect of magnetized water in some hematological aspect of mice.Eighty white Swiss mice, male and female (6-7 weeks of age) were randomly divided into two groups, each group included 40 mice's (20 males +20 females) kept in cages separately. Group 1 (treatment group) were get magnetic water, group 2 (control group)were get tap water. After whole experimental period(16weeks) and 3 days as preliminary period blood sample were taken from mice's heart directly after killed and before pulses were stopped to investigate the effect of magnetized water in Hb Conc.,PCV,RBC's,MCV,MCH,MCHC,WBC's, Monocytes,Lymphocytes,Granulocyte and Platelet.Results obtained were: Hb Conc. in females was highly significant than males in the first group, while PCV and RBC's were higher in males of the first group in the comparison with the similar in second group.MCV, MCH and MCHC had no significant differences between animals before and after drinking magnetic water.Effect of magnetic water on WBC's was not significant, while Monocytes in males of first group had the highest significant mean in the comparison with its similar in the second group, and it was significantly (p<0.05) higher than females in the two groups, in the contrast, males had the lowest mean of Lymphocytes in the first group than that of females in the same group. Granulocytes and blood platelets were not affected before and after treatment.