The relationship between the postpartum uterine prolapse incidence and some macro minerals serum level deficiency in cow in Basra province


The study was performed to investigate macro minerals in the cow’s serum suffering from post-parturient uterine prolapse compared with other cows without incidence of prolapse. In the present study, 30 cows during 72 hours after calving, 15 calving without uterine prolapse (control group), and 15 calving suffer from uterine prolapse (treated group).The results showed a drastic decrease in serum macro minerals levels of treated group animals, so the results show the calcium serum level (5.56±0.19 mg/dl), phosphorus (3.30±o.30 mg/dl) and magnesium (1.42±0.09 mg/dl) compared with levels in control animals that show (10.34±0.44, 5.33±0.21, 3.79±0.37) mg/dl of the calcium, phosphorus and magnesium successively. It was concluded that deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium serum level in the last period of pregnancy and at the parturition might be possible causes of post parturient uterine prolapse in these cows.