Ultrasound imaging of undisplaced partial forearm fractures in children


Objective: To check the value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of undisplaced partial forearm fractures in children.
Methods: A case series study was conducted in AL-Khansa'a and Al-Zahrawy teaching hospitals in Mosul over a period between November 2005 to October 2006. One hundred patients (54 male and 46 female) between the age of 2-15 years suffering from high clinical suspicion of non displaced forearm fractures were first examined by ultrasound (Sonoline SL 100, Siemens Nurnberg Germany) with 7.5MHZ linear array transducer by a radiologist who gave an immediate report. Standard two views radiography of the forearm then obtained. The radiographs were reported by another senior radiologist. Ultrasonographic and radiographic reports were then compared.
Results: One hundred patients were examined, 54 male and 46 female with male/female ratio 1:1.7. The type of fractures found were 46 torus type, 48 greenstick and 6 were plastic deformity. Subperiosteal haematoma was encountered in 100% of the fractures, bending sign was 100% and finally reverberation echoes was shown in all the fracture types too.
Conclusion: Ultrasound is a useful method in the diagnosis of undisplaced forearm fractures in children. It is an easy, safe , fast and in-expensive procedure. More studies are indicated to confirm its reliability in different pediatric fractures.