Serum uric acid in type 2 diabetics


Aims: To compare the level of serum uric acid (UA) in type 2 diabetics with a control group and to demonstrate its relation with other risk factors as age , BMI, duration of diabetes, blood glucose and total cholesterol level.
Methods: The study was conducted in Al-Wafa Diabetic Clinic in Mosul during the period from February to May 2007 as a case-control study. A 39 patients of both sexes with type 2 diabetes with a mean  SD age of 51.5 11.1 years , and 20 healthy subjects of both sexes with a mean  SD age of 46.515.5 years as a control group. The concentrations of fasting serum glucose, total cholesterol and UA was determined; BMI was calculated.
Results: BMI, fasting serum glucose, UA and total cholesterol concentrations are significantly higher (P < 0.001, 0.01 , 0.01 respectively) in type 2 diabetics compared to the control group with a positive correlation ( r = 0.605 , P < 0.005 ) between serum UA and the duration of diabetes.
Conclusions: Because serum UA concentration is significantly higher in type 2 diabetics independent on other factors and as it predicts the occurrence of ischemic heart diseases, stroke and even renal disease in these patients; therefore, its measurement is recommended. Since it positively correlated with the duration of diabetes, therefore, the longer the history of diabetes was, the more frequent measurement should be done.


Uric acid, diabetics