Constructing an indicator for performance effectiveness of futsal game


The research aimed at constructing ( an equation for performance effectiveness) during games as an indicator to reach the efficiency of players performance.The descriptive approach method by survey style was used. The sample of the study consisted of futsal players of premier league clubs and elite clubs (Alfutuwwah club, Alshimal Gas Club, Balad Club and Ashti Club). The sample consisted of (92) players. Questionnaire and observation were used as a means for collecting data and through editing and designing the form of analyses, then finding its scientific basis, followed by suggesting an equation for performance effectiveness and finding its scientific basis in such as validity, and index of reliability then the validity of the criterion, while reliability was reached at by reconsider video analysis. Then the researchers used the mean, standard deviation, coefficient of skewenss, mode and chi- Square, all of which as statistical means.Both researchers verified the normal distribution of the equation then they found the standard levels and degrees of the equation.Both researchers recommended for what accords with the results of the research.