Modern development for cataloging rules(deseriptive or Metadata) FROM AACR2 TO RDA FOLLOWING THE IRAQ university libraries


The paper aimes to the hature of change and development to whiche the descriptive ،Biblogarphy rules have been submitted and what are the latest rules resulted from that change and what are the Arabic efforts which contributes to that development , the cadastral method has been used in collecting data and analyzing them, as well as using data forms, which deal with descriptive bibliography subject and there rules and also meeting the employers in the artistry procedure department in our university libraries which is focus of the paperThe paper has many results1-The appellative attributive bibliography rules are not stable ones, but thy have been submitted to review, change development, continually, so we final that these rules are regarded as part of them and represent its third experimentalism print 2- Though many of the workers in the bibliography department are expert in data and libraries along with their long experience but, they suffer from not knowing the modern development in such a field Recommendation 1-Expert must use the helpful meansin applyingthe appellative bibliography rules (interpretive books, proofs) in order to show and interpret the rules in simple method2-The necessity of making workers participate in the exercising programmers to apply the rules and use them worldly to make contact with different experiencesin this field