The Effect of Xylitol Preparations on Sa-livary Gland Function and Oral Health


Aims: To evaluate the effect of different xylitol preparations (chewing gum and strips ) on gingival, plaque indices and salivary fluid composition (calcium, total protein and uric acid ). Materials and Methods: Twenty nine healthy dental students aged 20-24 years, were divided randomly into two groups, the first group used chewing gum sweetened with xylitol and the second took xylitol strips for 21 days. The plaque and gingival indices were examined at the baseline and at the end of treatment, together saliva samples were collected in the same periods for the measurement of salivary flow and salivary concentration of calcium, total protein and uric acid. Results: The results confirmed on going changeability of the oral cavity environment after treatment with xylitol preparations in both groups. There were reduction in plaque and gingival indices in both groups, but it was significantly reduced in strip treated group (P< 0.0001 and P<0.01 respectively). Salivary concentration of total protein was significantly decreased in strip group ( P <0.05 ) and in gum group ( P<0.0001 ) against baseline Val-ues. Xylitol strips have pronounced effect on the gingival index (P<0.0001) when compared with xyli-tol gum . Conclusions: The regular use of different xylitol preparations has its protective effects on the oral health hygiene. Key Words: xylitol, Salivary flow, Gingival index, Plaque index, Oral health .