الملوك المؤلهون في العراق القديم


AbstractThere is a long history behind the idea of kingship even before the flood in Mesopotamia. Many cuneiform texts referred to this fact with many myths about kingship in Mesopotamia. This represents man's first attempt to control the forces of nature and their investment and the need for collective action as the beginning of the first appearance of the systems of government in Mesopotamia.Moreover the people of Mesopotamia weave myths about kingship and its style which has been associated with forces beyond the possibility of humans or supernatural powers which led to the emergence of kingship in Mesopotamia. The present research gives a clear picture of the deified Kings in ancient Iraq, it starts with presenting a summarized idea about the Kingship in Ancient Iraq. Then we come across the views and the causes of the emergence of the idea of deification, as well as an overview of the evolution of the concept of deification during different periods.Then we highlighted the deified king according to models of cuneiform texts, and we draw briefly the conclusions from the idea of deification.