Shear Strength of Acrylic Resin Base to Nickel Chromium Minor Connector of Removable Partial Denture


AIMS: To test the shear strength and type of failure between the latticework and mesh minor connec-tors on one side, and cold–, thermopress–, light–, and heat–cured acrylic resin base on the other. MA-TERIALS AND METHODS: Two types of minor connectors for metallic removable partial denture, latticework and mesh are casted from nickel–chromium alloy; Different types of acrylic resin(cold–, thermopress–, light–, and heat– cured) are used to test the shear strength. The type of failure was also investigated. ANOVA, Duncan multiple rang test in addition to T–test were carried out to determine the significant difference at P<0.05. RESULTS: There is significant difference between the four acryl-ic resin variables in relation to shear strength with each of the latticework and mesh type minor connec-tors. In each group of acrylic resin, except the thermopress–cured group, there is a significant differ-ence between the latticework and mesh types of minor connectors. CONCLUSIONS: The shear strength between the acrylic resin base and the nickel–chromium minor connector differ in the differ-ent types of acrylic resin and differ in the different types of minor connectors.