Analaysis of the lmpacyt fiscal policy in Iraq on stabilization and economic growth for the period (2003-2010)


The vision and philosophy of the economic system in Iraq after 2003 were not clear-cut because of overlapping internal factors was the novelty of the political system and the lack of political and economic decision makers to understanding and conviction full need shaping a new administration for the Iraqi economy is able to succeed economic development programs, and external factors was determinedly organizations international application of shock reforming style and contrary to the social reality and the security which reflected negatively on the work and consistency Lisseeash financial balance between stability and growth and raise the level of consumer spending and the importance of research lies in the ability of fiscal policy to achieve this balance in Traffic overlap both factors internal and external. as researcher believes that fiscal policy entered in basic contradictions including reconciling role stability and development on the one hand and the search for stabilizers dynamic wide spectrum of the public budget and avoid external shocks by raising levels of GDP non-oil and therefore taxation and collection of savings at the expense of maximizing consumption on other hand in the absence of the clear economic approach and the effecting independence of monetary authority which impact negatively on the financial and monetary stability, and economic and economic development plans .so The policy directions of the current financial sacrifice stability and growth and fueling inflationary trends favoring consumption over production and investment, in addition to the negligence of the new resources that provide general budget through a mechanism created from Central oil sources during the positive shock of Foreign supply positive for use the above was not devoid the models of equitable distribvion of what was done the fiscal policy in Iraq, which represents Based economic life and axes orientations of the beauties when embraced nearly half of the Iraqi labor force unemployed and in record time.