Antiviral Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Salvadora Persica (Siwak) on Herpes Simplex Virus Infection.


Aims: To investigate the effect of ethanolic extract of Salvadora Persica extract on HSV–1 infection
both in vitro and in vivo in the mouse model system. Materials and methods: Ethanolic extract of
Salvadora Persica was used at different concentrations. BHK cells that grown in Eagles medium were
used for virus isolation and titration using PFU/ml. The effects of different concentrations of Salvadora
Persica on viral growth in BHK cells as well as cytolytic activity of HSV–1 were evaluated at different
time post infection. The therapeutic efficacy of Salvadora Persica in vivo was studied in mice. Lesions
were scored and viral isolation from infected skin and ganglia was titrated on BHK cells. Results:
Salvadora Persica inhibited the replication of HSV–1 in BHK cells as well as the cytolytic activity of
cell free virus. Topical application of Salvadora Persica on the skin of mice infected with HSV–1
reduced the development of cutaneous lesions and the viral titers in the skin and ganglia were also
reduced. Conclusion: The results of this work may be beneficial for the treatment of recurrent oral
herpes infections.