The idea of ​​security (harm) in Islamic jurisprudence and its application to environmental damage, a comparative study between the Iraqi and Jordanian legal and Islamic jurisprudence


In the Civil law approach whether in French, Egyptian, Iraqi laws and other laws considered negligence is the general rule for civil liability , which requires compensating injured when completed civil liability the three pillars of the error and the damage and the causal relationship . The exception to this rule any base error - is to establish responsibility for the harmful act on the element of damage without a mistake , so realized the responsibility for tort as soon as the damage and the causal relationship between the latter and the act. This responsibility dubbed responsibility based on the damage , which is based upon Islamic jurisprudence. Accordingly, we will try to look at the idea of warranty ( damage ) in Islamic jurisprudence , it has to be what researchers in the law , that we address to the existing jurisprudence wealth in the Islam .The researcher wants to apply this responsibility - responsibility of Islamic jurisprudence- on the harm resulting from the pollution .Accordingly, this articles will be based on two sections . The first will be addressed to the concept of direct and causing whereas the second deals with the role of the direct and causing determine a causal relationship