down -regulation of progesterone hormone in recurrent pregnancy loss


Background:Progesterone hormone is important in the preparation for and in maintaining of pregnancythrough different mechanisms but mainly by shifting the balance from Th1 to Th2 mediatedimmunity to avoid rejection of the fetus; in this study we tried to find out whether there is arelation between the level of the expression of progesterone and its stimulant HCG hormone andrecurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).Patients and Methods:Immunohistochemistry technique was performed to detect and determine the expression ofprogesterone and HCG hormones using paraffin embedded sections of curate samples obtainedfrom 40 women, who where divided into three groups: 24 women with RPL, 10 women withabortion for the first time, and 6 women with induced abortion.Fac Med Baghdad200Results:The levels of the expression of both progesterone and HCG hormones were found to besignificantly down-regulated in the first group as compared with the second group (p=0.00), andthe third group (p=0.00), with a highly significant positive correlation between these twoparameters (r=0.866, p<0.01).Conclusion:Low expression of progesterone in women with RPL could raise the possibility ofunderlying immuno-endocrine pathology responsible for this recurrent loss due to the importantrole of progesterone as an immunosuppressive hormone help in maintaining pregnancy.Key wards: Progesterone, HCG, RPL


Progesterone, HCG, RPL.