Comparison Between The Efficacy of Different Medical Herbs on Cryptosporidium spp.


Objectives:The study was planned to show the effect of different medicinal plants extracts onCryptosporidium spp.Materials and Methods:The experimental study was performed in laboratory mice to show the efficacy ofdifferent medical plants extracts (Achillea fragrantissima, Artemisea herba-alba,Cardaria draba, Mentha longifolia , Olea europea, Prosopis farcta, Punicagranatum, Teucrium polium and Ziziphus spina-charisti on shedding ofCryptosporidium spp. oocysts.Results:In a study on the effect of medical plant extracts on the shedding of oocysts inmice, it was found that different medical plants extracts decrease the shedding ofCryptosporidium oocysts in mice. Using 250 mg / kg B.W., route it was shownthat the efficacy of Prosopis farcta (67.6 %) followed by Artemesia herba alba(57.7 %), Cardaria draba (35.9 %) and the lowest was Teucrium polium (12.7"/o) but Mentha longifolia had no effect. It was also shown that the efficacy ofmedical plants extracts (500 mg / kg B.W.) was higher than (250 mg / kg B.W.)in shedding of the parasite oocysts.In a study of the effect of plant extracts on the development of oocysts ofCryptosporidium in the macrophage in Rpm medium, it was found that theefficacy of Punica granatum (75.9%) was highest, followed by Prosopis farcta(67.1%) and Artimesia herba- alba (55%).Conclusions:The medical plant extracts have an effect on Cryptosporidium spp. Infection inalbino mice. The possibility of studying the therapeutic research onCryptospridium spp. in RPM medium.Key words: Efficacy, medical herbs, Cryptosporidium