Study the Effect pf Using Intensifying Screen on Magnitude of Changing Calibration Curve For Dental X-Ray Film in Manual evelopment Method


Aim: To study the effect of using intensifying screen (Rare Earth ),with a film which dose not existwith it. Materials and Methods: The patient received the radiation dose during dental fustigation byx-ray radiation. The optical density of the x-ray film was measured using densitometer. Result: Adecrease in radiation dose was approximately 20% for the same condition . 241Am was used, because itsenergy (59.5keV) is close to the energy of x-ray in dental radiography. Conclusions: It is essential touse intensifying screen I.S in the diagnoses field of dentistry for the purpose of reducing the amountof radiation dose. It could be concluded that small calibration operation must be determined during theregular interval periods for the optical density measurements of the optical density by densitometer toshow its efficiency