Dimensions aesthetic for the geometric shape in visual art Vasarely as a model ...


Artwork Filled ample space in the thinking of man, being a means of knowledge and image of social activity and an important aspect of social life, a honest mirror reflect human life and society in every time and place, and is an art speech creative in various spheres of life, Art is the man does not inseparable, since there is no art without man, just as a man with no art. (Attia, 1985, p 15) So ancient human do artwork in various types Across from the aesthetic aspect and the emotional and magical and so remained art expresses the traditions and customs of the peoples In addition he holds the contents of the intellectual, cultural and people who neglects such content living in chaos, (Art is the interest of all peoples through production masterpieces). (Fisher, 1982, p 15)


Humanities, Art