The Effect of Additional Microwave Curing Cycle on Residual Monomer Release from Different Acrylic Resin Materials.


AIMS: to evaluate the effect of microwave post-treatment in the reduction of residual monomer of different types of acrylic resin and evaluate the effect of microwave treatment time. MAERIALS AND MEHODS: three different types of acrylic resin materials are used; heat cured, light cured, and or-thocryl. Specimens are subjected to additional curing with microwave and compared their residual monomer with the control group. ANOVA followed by Duncan multiple range test were used to de-termine the significant difference at P<0.05 level. RESULS: there was a significant difference (p<0.0001) in the amount of residual monomer released from the three tested materials. No statistical difference were seen between 5 and 10 minute microwave treatment for the heat cured and orthocryl acrylic resin but there is significant difference between 5 and 10 minute treatment for the light cured acrylic resin. CONCLUSIONS: There are different levels of residual monomer when comparing the tested materials with each other. Additional treatment with microwave after curing decrease the residu-al monomer of all the tested acrylic resin materials.