Immunophenotyping of B Cell Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disorders Study of 30 Selected Cases


Background: B-cell malignancies are clonal expansions of B-cells that express only one type of Ig light chain (L or k) or (rarely) lack surface Ig light chain expression . Multiparameter color flowcytometry allows analysis of light chain expression in total CD19 + B-cell population and also in various subsets of B cells such as CD5+/CD19+, CD23+/CD5+/CD19+or CD10+/CD19+ positive cells. Objectives: This study was designed to assess the immune phenotyping of 30 patients with chronic lymphoproliferative diseases using flowcytometer.Methods: 30 patients with chronic lymphoproliferative disorders has been investigated by flowcytometry. This study done in Al Rawabie laboratory in period between january2013 till November 2013.Results: Among 30 patients with chronic lymphoproliferative diseases , 18patients diagnosed as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, 3 with follicular lymphoma, 6 with mariginal zone lymphoma, 2 with splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocyte and one case of multiple myeloma. Conclusion: Multiple parameter immunophenotyping analysis improves the accuracy of diagnosis in lymphoid malignancies, and can be used in diagnosis, which easily detects infrequent, hematological malignancies differentiated diagnosis, and detection of minimal residue in lymphoproliferative diseases the simultaneous recognition of different cell populations allows the diagnosis of composite cell lymphomas, or double pathologies.