Study of Chromosomal Aberrations and Micronucleus Formation in Some Iraqi Patients infected with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)


The effect of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) was studied on some cytogenetic parameters occur in lymphocyte in three cases; before, during and after chemotherapy treatment. The study involved 47 AML Iraqi patients their ages ranged between 2.5-81 years including 20 females and 27 males. Results were compared with 26 healthy individuals and summarized as follows: 1- AML was the most common leukemia in adults as compared with children. It was found that 46.8% AML patient ages were less than 15 years; 90.15% at 30-16 years; 40.9% at individuals at 31-45 years, the percentage increased to 90.5% in those who are over 45%. 2- AML was more common in males than females recording 57.5% and 42.5% respectively; representing 1.35:1.00 male:female ratio. 3- Two cases representing 5.3 of the studied sample exhibited dioploidy after examination under light microscope. The highest mitotic index was 7.498% and occurred in patients before taking therapy compared to 6.784% during therepy and 7.000% after therapy. 4- Micronucleus mean values recorded 0.033, 0.020 and 0.036 MN/1000 cells for AML patients before, during and after therapy respectively, when compared with the control which recorded 0.002 MN/1000cells. Nuclear division index (NDI) means before, during and after therapy of AML patients were 1.658, 1.000 and 1.424 respectively compared with control which recorded 1.282.