Detection Of Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-Like Sequence (MMTV-Like Sequence) In The Breast Cancer Of Iraqi Women Samples By Nested PCR.


Background:Since the discovery of MMTV in the high cancer strains of mice capable of initiating mammary tumors , and its subsequent identification as a B-type RNA virus, several evidence has been accumulated supporting the attractive hypothesis that a similar agent is associated with human breast cancer. The current study conducted to detection the MMTV-LIKE SEQUENCE(MMTV-like virus) by nested PCR. Objectives: molecular detection of a virus-like MMTV in the breast cancer of Iraqi women.Methods:The current study tested breast cancer FFPT specimens of Iraqi women, which collected from AL-Sader teaching hospital histopathology and neoplasm units , and several privet histopathology labs in AL-Najaf province, the specimens were stored for the years (2008,2009,2010 and 2011). The specimens were included of BC 54 , fibroadenoma 21, mastitis 18, and ductectesia 19 samples. The samples classified to age groups, the most age group was 36-45 (42.57%). This study was conducted at the MSMC/Tisch cancer institute/NY/USA because the MMTV-LIKE SEQUENCE (MMTV-like virus) primers manufactured by them , and the primers were very important in the molecular techniques. The FFPT passed through the pathology lab /MSMC , for recasting and sectioning for nested PCR protocol and Hematoxylin and eosin staining to confirm the diagnosis. The DNA extraction was started from the FFPT which were tested for quantity and quality by NanoDrop system and β-glubine PCR respectively. Results:The findings of the MMTV-LIKE SEQUENCE-env gene appeared as following percentages : BC 57.89% (22 of 38) , fibroadenoma 22.22% (4 of 18), and mastitis 7.14% (1 of 14) there was a highly significant difference ( p<0.001). There was a highly significant ( p<0.001) of The MMTV-LIKE SEQUENCE PCR results according to the age groups. Conclusions: presence of MMTV-like virus in the breast cancer of Iraqi women.Recommendations: the modern techniques should be dependent in the molecular detection as it find in the world labs, for example the test of extracted nucleic acid by quantity and quality and then start the molecular detection after doing of definite math measurements.