The Efficacy of Triamcinalone in Control-ling Pain and Swelling after Surgical Ex-traction of Teeth


Aims: In this study, triamcinalone acetonide was applied topically in the tooth socket following surgic-al removal of teeth to evaluate its anti-inflammatory effect. Materials and Methods: Forty medically fit patients were selected with an age range between (18-50) years of both genders, non smoker, no pregnant or lactating woman. The patients were divided equally into a trial and control group. Surgical extraction was done for all patients. In the first group, the socket was covered with a piece of sterile gauze (2 X 2 cm) impregnated with triamcinalone acetonide ointment %1. In the control group, the extracted socket was covered with sterile gauze only. The sterile gauze was removed 24hrs postopera-tively. Postoperative pain and swelling were examined in 1st, 2nd and 7th days. Results: Mann-Whitney test revealed no significant difference in the pain level and swelling at the 1st day but with a significant difference in the 2nd and 7th days between both groups. Conclusions: The pH of saliva in male pa-tients with (RAU) was more toward acidic pH than normal male subjects.