Simulation Study on Optically Designed Refractive Beam Expander for Nd: YAG Laser Harmonics for 7 Km Detection Range


The simulation study has been conducted for the harmonics of Nd: YAG laser, namely the second harmonic generation SHG, the third harmonic generation THG, and the fourth harmonic generation FHG. Determination of beam expander's expansion ratio for specific wavelength and given detection range is the key in beam expander design for determining minimum laser spot size at the target. Knowing optimum expansion ratio decreases receiving unit dimensions and increases its performance efficiency. Simulation of the above mentioned parameters is conducted for the two types of refractive beam expander, Keplerian and Galilean. Ideal refractive indices for the lenses are chosen adequately for Nd: YAG laser harmonics wavelengths, so that increasing transmission of laser beam, consequently the received power to the detector for practical convenience.