The Effect of Different Denture Cleansers on Different Color Properties of Permanent Soft Liner


AIMS: To determine the effect of different denture cleansers on hue, value, and chroma of permanent silicone soft liner at different immersion periods. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Soft liner speci-mens were immersed in four denture cleansers (“citric acid + soda”, salt, “apple vinegar + soda”, and alum) for periods of 1, 3, 7, and 14 days. A digital spectrophotometer was used to access color differ-ences of soft liner before and after each storage period in each solution. RESULTS: The citric acid and salt cleansers decrease the value, chroma, and hue. The apple vinegar cleanser does not affect signifi-cantly any color property. The alum cleanser decrease value and chroma, but does not affect hue of soft liner. CONCLUSIONS: The effects of different denture cleansers tested on different color properties of soft liner were different. The effect of the immersion period on the different color properties tested was different for each denture cleanser.