Partial purification and characterization of xylanase from Bacillus cereus X3


Three strain of Bacillus cereus were obtained from soil sours Laboratories of Biology Department/ College of Science/ University of Baghdad. The bacteria secreted extracellular xylanase in liquid cultur the test ability of xylanase production from these isolates was studied semi quantitative and quantitative screening appeared that Bacillus cereus X3 was the highest xylanase producer.The enzyme was partial purification 191 fold from cultur by reached step by 4 U/mg proteins by ammonium sulfat precipitation 80%, Ion exchang DEAE-cellulos chromatographyCharacterization study of the partial purifation enzyme revealed that the enzyme had a optimum activity pH8 and activity was stable in the pH rang (8-10) for 30min. maximal activity was attained at 50C