The Impact of Using Role Play Techniques on Improving Pupils' Speaking Skill for Primary School


The current study aims at investigating the impact of using role -play on improving students' speaking ability for the primary school. The study is restricted to sixth grade female pupils in the primary schools in Babylon City during the second term of the academic year 2011–2012.The population consists of (160) Iraqi EFL students distributed over two sections A and B. Sixty students are chosen randomly to represent the main study sample and other twenty students represent the pilot administration. To achieve the aim of the study, two tests are constructed. The total number of items of the first test which represents written test is (10). While, the second test represents oral test. From the analysis of the data, it is found that the mean of post- scores of the experimental group is (57.7333), which is higher than the mean scores of the control group that is found to be (48.1000). This indicates that students’ achievement in the experimental group is better than that of the control group, which shows that role –play technique is more useful for them in teaching speaking skill than the lecture method teaching