Quantitative analysisof the impact ofmonetarypolicyon economicgrowth An EmpiricalStudyon the Algerian economyduring the period1990 -2012


This studysought to identify the impact of monetary policy on economic growth in Algeria, And that for the period from 1990 to 2012, Any after currencyreformpassed by the monetary policy in Algeria, Wherehewasrelying on standard tests to reach the desiredresults of the study, Based on indicators of monetary policy as an independent variable and the grossdomesticproduct (GDP) as a representative of economic growth as the dependentvariable,and This study has shown the weakness of the monetary policy in Algeriaespecially and that after the use of self-regressionbeam model shows that economic policy explainonly22 percent of economic growthWhich of course due to the nature of the Algerian economy, which relies primarily on oil revenues.