Serum uric acid level in the blood of asthmatic patients in Basra governorate – Iraq


The study included the measurement of the mean serum uric acid level in asthmatic patients. In this study, a total number of (50) asthmatic patients (24 males, 26 Females) visiting Allergic and Asthma Medical Center in Basrah city were involved, classified according to age, sex, severity, smoking and family history. From each patient blood samples were collected to estimate uric acid concentration. In addition, (50) healthy subjects were investigated as a control group.It was found that a highly significant increase (P < 0.01) is in uric acid serum level in all asthmatic patients as compared to healthy control. In accordance with age and severity, serum uric acid level increases significantly (P < 0.05) while with smoking patients, and positive family history a highly significant increase is (P < 0.01). There were no significant changes in the uric acid level between males and females.In conclusion, asthmatic patients suffer a high degree of reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation causing considerable oxidative stress indicated by a high level of the serum uric acid.