Effect of Planting Date and The development Stage of Borage officinalis L. plant on growth and leaf content Of Total phenols


Field Experiment was conducted in the greenhouse of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Unit, College of Agriculture / University of Baghdad for the During 2011 – 2012 season to study the effect of the planting date (30-12-2011 and 15-1-2012) The plants were harves to 1 the development stages: (beging Flowering , full bloom and seed formation) in the growth indicators (plant height (cm), number of branches Vegetative plant, number of leaves, leaf area (Dcm 2 / plant), dry weight (g / plant, leaf content of total phenols (mg / g),harve been examined in split plot design whith herves, the first date of planting Each growth and the content of leafs of total phenols and excelled evolutionary stage when Moral formation of seeds from the rest of the stages in the above indicators, and recorded the treatment of overlap for an appointment The first study of the evolutionary stage of the plant when you configure the highest seed in all Indicators measured (138.9 (cm), 10, 303 / plant, 268.44) creamy 2 / plant), 214.61 (g Plant), 0.800 (mg / g), we conclude from this study that the best time for planting of borage plant its. First date (30-12-2011) and the best vegetative growth measurements were obtained at the stage of formation Seeds.