Changes in Immune Markers for Prostate Cancer Patients Pre and Post-operation


This study includes 15 male healthy and 30 male patients diagnosed with prostate cancer inciude (18 cases in stages I & II and 12 cases in III – stage). All the patients were suffered from urinary tract infection ( UTI) . The mean age is (57.33± 5.02) years range ( 45-63) years, as cases and controls Patients with prostate cancer were treated admits an Educational Baghdad Hospital, and Central Public Health Laboratory and Radiation and Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Baghdad, during period 1/6/2008 to 1/12/2010 are included in this study. The markers Prostate-specific antigen (CA PSA), Interleukins ( IL -1 , IL-2, IL-3, IL-5) and Immunoglobulins ( IgG, IgM, IgE) are estimated by using ELISA method. The Clean-Catch midstream urine of the patients were collected, and cultured on blood agar and MacConky agar to isolation of the pathogenic bacteria causes and associated with prostate cancer. The isolated bacteria were identified according to morphological and using biochemical tests. The aim of this study is to fined out changes in some immune markers in prostate cancer patients and if any correlation exists between the tumor marker in patients serum pre and post-operation, and the bacterial pathogens of the UTI and its correlation with prostate cancer risk. The results show , a significant difference in CAPSA levels between healthy control and prostate cancer patients ( stages I , II , III ) pre-operation ( P >0.05 ), while no appear significant difference between healthy and patients post-operation , The comparison between prostate cancer pre and post-operation was showed a significant difference ( t=7.042,P > 0.05 ) with positive correlation. However , statistical analysis shows a significant difference in interleukins ( IL–1 , IL–2 , IL -3 , IL-5 ) between healthy and prostate cancer patients pre-operation, whereas no significant difference between them in post-operation , only IL-5 , also is increased significantly (P<0.05 ) and positive correlations in interleukins levels at prostate cancer patients pre and post-operation. The results show a significant difference in immunoglobulins (IgG, IgE, IgM ) between healthy control compared with prostate cancer patients pre-operation, but no significant difference post-operation. By comparing between prostate cancer pre and post-operation a significant correlation(P>0.05) but only IgM has no correlation( r=0.149,P=0. 432) were appeared. In this study 30(100%) patients are shown to be urine culture positive. Were inciude E. coli with frequency rate of 43.33%, Pseudomonas aerginosa (16.66 %), Klebsiella spp. (16.66%), Enterobacter spp. (10 %), , Acinetobacter spp. (3.33%), Serratia spp. (3.33%), and Staphylococci spp. (6.66%).