Molecular Analysis of Class II HLA-DRB Polymorphism


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) system is a polymorphic system and the extensive polymorphism of MHC gene in human and the allelic distribution in different ethnic population become a key component in investigating the genetic relations between populations. Geographical variety is one of the factors that affect HLA polymorphism.OBJECTIVE:This study is designed to study class II HLA-DRB polymorphism in Iraqi populations by molecular method.METHODS:Seventy four healthy Arab Iraqi populations were enrolled in this studyduring the period between November 2012 till April 2013. Direct interview was done with the populations and HLA typing was done by molecular method using Sequence Specific Primer (PCR-SSP) method using One Lambda Kit-USA. RESULTS:The most frequent alleles are DRB1*03,*11,*07 with a frequency of (0.47, 0.41, and 0.26) respectively. There are no significant difference between male and female regarding non-DRB1 alleles.CONCLUSION:1-The most frequent alleles in Arabic Iraqis populations are DRB1*03,*11, and *07.2-Gender is not a significant factors affecting the frequencies and hetro- or homozygosity for the nonDRB1 alleles in adults.KEY WORDS: HLA-DRB1, HLA polymorphism .