The Use ofRandom Amplification Polymorphic DNA(RAPD) Markers and rbcL specific gene in determining the geneticrelationship between some species of genus Lathyrus growing in midd and northern of Iraq


Current search depended on eleven species belongs to the genus LathyrusL.. , namely:L.annuus L. , L.aphaca L.,L.cassiusBoiss, L.chloranthusBoiss. ,L.cicera L. L.gorgoni Parl. , L.inconspicuus L. ,L.odoratus L. , L.sativus L.,L.sphaericus Retz. L.vinealisBoissinvested DNA Marker-basedPCR technology using the two markers: the first is RAPD using 10 random primers where explained the relationship between species on the basis of the appearance and disappearance of the band , the second markeris specialized molecular markers use tow primers for the detection region (ITS) Internal Transcribed spacer in chloroplast DNA represented in (CP DNA) Chloroplast to detect gene rbcL, where the main band did not appear at the speciesL.odoratusL. While the rest of the species appeared in the main band when the general molecular weight700bp and 800bp. Inaddtionto that use of numerical classification to find relationship between the studied species.