The impact of strategic approach in the effectiveness of small and medium Enterprises in Iraq


The purpose of this research highlight the achievement of the effectiveness of small and medium enterprises dimensions and conformable to analyze the relationship between business strategies and human resources management strategies , and launched search of a dilemma thought provoking fundamental questions revolve around the search is the lack of appropriate strategies in these enterprises to help them continuity and permanence in business and markets , as these enterprises lack the human resources management strategies appropriate , as well as business strategies that make them withstand the changes in the market environment is changing and volatile . It was to answer those questions through a theoretical framework for the variables search first and test models of the relationship and impact secondly through four hypotheses major , The objective of the research towards the effectiveness of small and medium enterprises with its various dimensions , according to the analysis of the relationship business strategies , and strategies for human resource management , out framework systematic intellectual brings together more dimensions and concepts , and try to test the Iraqi environment to embrace these modern concepts , following the descriptive analytical method . The researcher job questionnaire was selected a random sample of 100 people from the managers and staff responsible for these enterprises and directors of the jurisdiction of these projects in the Ministry of Planning and Labour and Social Affairs , and the hypothesis is the main research has addressed the extent of the impact the effectiveness of small and medium enterprises , the relationship between business strategies and strategies human resources management. The reported findings that human resources management strategies affect the effectiveness of the small and medium enterprises positive and morally, and the impact of the effectiveness of enterprises in business strategies positive and morally as well, and in addition to that it had reached the search to a set of conclusions , the most important is that the experience to create small and medium enterprises in Iraq is the experience of a young , not in the sense it is a new idea , but youthful experience of the state, which requires the support of this kind of projects and attention to their quality and development , as well as the development of human resources in which they operate , has included research five axes went first to the methodology and the second for framing theoretical and third analyze and discuss the exploratory to the field of small and medium - sized projects in Iraq, while the fourth dedicated diagnostic variables basic research and test hypotheses , and finally came fifth to introduce the conclusions and recommendations.