Structural Evaluation of Cold Recycling Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Blends


The technique of cold recycling of asphalt pavement materials for road construction is widely used in the world. Different types of locally available stabilizing additives and/or agents were used to find the most suitable one from the point of view of strength, economy and environment. Cubic molds of (10) cm is used in the laboratory to prepare samples of the stabilized rap materials. The effect of curing mode (effect of water absorption) was studied from strength point of view. Increasing bricks sand in the stabilized RAP materials increase the compression strength because of filling the spaces. A brick sand increasing reduces the absorption in case of cement stabilizing while with lime increases the absorption. Dynamic modulus of elasticity decreases with bricks sand increasing. Cement ratio more than 5% alone or more than 3% with lime is recommended to use, lime stabilizing ratio not exceed 10%.