A field experiment was conducted during 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons at the experimental farm, Dept. of Field Crop, Coll. of Agriculture, Univ. of Baghdad to study the response of wheat Shaam-6 cultivar to boron foliar and potassium application on yield and yield components traits. RCBD with three replications used with split plots. The main plots potassium levels 0, 120 and 240 Kg K.ha.-1, and the sub-plots was boron foliar with three concentrations 0, 200 and 400 mg B. L-1. Results showed that significantly different between potassium treatments in all yield and yield components. traits potassium application in 120 Kg K.ha.-1 was superior in this traits and for both seasons respectively, number of spikes (389.00 and 457.00) spike.m-2, number of grains per spike(64.40 and 66.70) grain.spike-1, number of spikelets per spike (20.11 and 21.23) spikelets.spike-1, grains yield Mg.ha-1 (4.91 and 5.17) Mg.ha-1, Biological yield Mg.ha-1 (12.42 and 13.16) Mg.ha-1 and harvest index (38.93 and 39.00)%, except 1000 grain weight which acheiv potassium application in 240 Kg K.ha.-1 rate higher was (56.21, 54.43) gm for both seasons respectively. So the result showed significanily difgerent between boron concentration for all yield and components characteristics boron foliar with 200 mg.B-1 concentration gave higher rate for all characteristics number of spike (412.00, 495.00) spike.m-2, number of spikelets, in spike (19.40, 21.63) spikelets.spike-1, Grains yield Mgh-1 (5.06 , 5.27) Mg.ha-1 , biomass yield Mgh-1 (12.15, 13.09) Mg.ha-1 and harvest index% (40.90 , 39.91) % except of number of grain.spike-1 boron foliar with 400 mg.B-1 Concentration which gave higher rate (69.00, 67.60) spikem-2 with significant different between 0 and 400 mg.B-1 for both seasons. The interaction between two factors was no significant for all characteristics for both season except grain yield and harvest index for both season and K1B1 gave higher means for these traits (6.99 and 6.53) Mg.ha-1 and harvest index was(43.29 and 39.65)% for both season.