The effect of Taking different doses of Nigella Sativa Associated with Training, on some composition of blood and of Physical Force Players


included the problem that is there is weakness in some of the physical force players when applying the required activity, Another problem is that some athletes use stimulants to get better results illegally, and this results in serious health harms, The goals beyond the research is to identify the impact of eating different doses of Nigella Sativa accompanied by training on some the composition blood of Physical Force Players,And included the theoretical material. Subjects related directly to the research matter, and the title of the thesis, are discussed as well as the most important previous similar studies dealt with the methodology of the research and the field procedures the researcher user an experimental methodology the population was Diyala province clubs for the sport of physical force while the sample is (9) athletes players The sample was given training program concurrently with the food program by giving the sample of Nigella Sativa in three different daily doses after training (1gram for the first group, 1.5 gm. for the second and 2gm. For the third group) , Consisted Chapter Four of displaying and analyzing and discussing the findings of researcher for pre and post-tests through physical and some the composition blood test and the researcher concluded that the effectiveness of Nigella Sativa through the results in(white blood cells and red blood cells) ,The recommendation is the third dose (2g Nigella Sativa seeds) is to be adopted due to its high effectiveness in high tension activities according to the results of the three experimental groups.


Nigella Sativa